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Water Tank Sanitary Inspections

Splashbox helps you comply with New York City DOH requirements for water tank sanitary inspections, cleanings, and reporting.

Water Tank Reporting

Splashbox sends tank cleaning reminders so your water tanks stay in compliance. You can also download certificates anytime.

Real Time Water

Add Rosenwach ID to Splashbox to connect your water tanks and get real time water level, water temperature, and other water parameters.

Rosenwach is the most trusted name: New York’s Water Source.

Splashbox is a product of Rosenwach Tank Co. We've been building water tanks for more than five generations.

Reporting since the beginning

We've been providing water tank reports since NYC DOH first made it a requirement. You're in excellent hands with Rosenwach.

NYC water tank inspection report

Improve your bottom line.
Add Rosenwach ID.

Rosenwach ID provides real time water data including text your tank to help buildings reduce water tank maintenance.







Who uses Splashbox?

Splashbox is the premier tool for water tank inspections, cleanings, and reporting. The system is used by building owners, property managers, engineers, resident managers, and building superintendents.


How much does it cost?

All Rosenwach customers get free access to Splashbox. Call or email us for pricing on Rosenwach ID, our robust real time water platform.


What is Rosenwach ID?

Rosenwach ID is an add-on to Splashbox that lets you track water level, water temperature, and other water data from anywhere at anytime.


How can I access water tank data?

Access tank records and data through Splashbox anytime. Rosenwach ID enables customers to text your tank for current water level and temperature.

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