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Add an Eye
In the Sky

Add Rosenwach ID to any water tank to access real time water data.
Rosenwach ID provides you water tank level and temperature from anywhere at any time.

Water Level

Rosenwach ID provides current water level in real time; set messages for high or low level.

Water Temperature

Rosenwach ID provides real time water temperature on your phone and computer.

Tank Activity

Rosenwach ID provides water tank intelligence so buildings stay ahead of potential maintenance.

Install in minutes ...

Installation takes minutes.
Rosenwach ID can be installed during your next tank cleaning or at any time.


1. Sensor

Rosenwach ID uses industrial grade sensors that are built for the toughest envrionments. Our expert field crews can seemlessly install sensors into any water tank in minutes.


2. Gateway

Rosenwach ID uses state of the art gateways to collect data from any water tank regardless of the building material, height, or location. Our gateways have a tiny footprint and instantly stream data.

... and get immediate value.

Access data instantly, set notifications, and text your tank


Data Flow

Data starts flowing immediatedly after installation. Data is securely transmitted from your tank to the cloud. Rosenwach ID puts your water tank in the palm of your hand.


Data Access

Instantly access water tank data through the Splashbox dashboard at home or at the office. Or text your tank to get water level and water temperature without an app.

Data keeps your building in sync.

Rosenwach ID puts your water tank data at your finger tips allowing you to visualize the state of your water tank and communicate data with your building management team. Rosenwach ID is a critical part of a healthy plumbing system that saves you time by bringing your water tank to your level.

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Rosenwach ID is Built to Last

Sensors are rated IP68

Sensors are durable, waterproof, and resist all the elements.

Precision Level and Temperature

Level sensors are accurate to within ±0.1%. Temperature sensors are accurrate to ±0.1 °C.

5-year Battery Life

Sensor batteries are rated to last for 5 years.

Lifetime Data Storage

All of your water tank data is stored forever. No extra charge.

Fully Encrypted

All of your data is encrypted during transmission.

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Keep tabs on your water tanks from anywhere at anytime.

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